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Coffee has been associated with a family tradition since 1960 when Merlin Oddene, founder of the company, worked as a coffee seller.

In 1987, based on his own recipe, he created Brao Gold and Brao Silver. A year later, he prepared coffee of the highest quality. Coffee with distinctive personality, Mrs.Rose.

The following years, the company and the coffee market grew even thanks to the unique coffee roaster in Treviso. That is why Treviso is considered the capital of world coffee. Coffee from all over the world comes here every day and then roasts. In addition, working with a certified laboratory in Trieste allows the company to produce "Espresso Italiano di Qualità" certified coffee that identifies high quality coffee.

Today, Brao is a brand of coffee that is well known throughout the Trentino region and the Triveneto region. The company continues to enjoy the same values ​​that helped its success in the beginning: care, attention, support, and quality. Quite simply a brand of high quality, guaranteeing excellent coffee.