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Brao is part of the Gruppo Triveneto Torrefattori di Caffè, which carefully controls every coffee blend to comply with the 'Certificato di Qualità' quality certification issued by the Trieste Chamber of Commerce chemical laboratory. This certificate entitles you to use the term 'Espresso Italiano di Qualità', which is granted only to specialists, professionals and coffee makers who use certified mixtures and pay close attention to the maintenance of coffee makers.

There are golden rules, something like a manual for coffee makers and roasters, for making quality coffee. Brao follows these rules. Its special blends are carefully controlled at every stage of the process, from coffee beans to the finished beverage. All of this contributes to producing great tasting coffee and an unmistakable espresso taste that is full, smooth and well balanced. To put it simply, an excellent cup of coffee.

The secret to achieving a perfect espresso that is finished with the hazelnut flavor and whose foam is thick enough to bear the weight of the sugar lies in the grinding of coffee beans. Ground coffee must be very soft. However, it must not be too delicate but gentle so that one grain does not exceed one millimeter in diameter. No less depends on the coffee machine. The coffee machine must heat the water up to 90 ° at 9 atm. After use, the coffee machine must be thoroughly and thoroughly cleaned in order to recreate the unforgettable taste and quality of the coffee.